Objectives & Activities



The property of the knowledge arising from the BioSecure project remains in the hands of the participants who generated it. The strategy of the Association is to own exclusive licences for exploitation and valorisation of all the IPRs, including databases, reference systems (software), methodologies as well educational material (books, audio-video presentations, courses, …). Such an approach allows it to handle efficiently the future use of the results, which for most of them, have been generated jointly by several participants. For example, a large multimodal biometric database has been recorded in 11 locations throughout Europe (split between partners of the network). While the whole database represents a unique state-of-the-art resource, having access to only one or a few sub-sets would be of very limited value. Therefore, the Association acts as a “guichet unique” for all these matters, and additionally can handle much more efficiently all the privacy and legal issues associated with personal data such as biometric templates.


Similarly the Association can act as a repository for data, software and results generated in other European and international research projects and hold and distribute such results beyond the lifetime of such projects.



Clearly, an important capability in being to address these strategic goals is for the Association to have the expert legal knowledge that is required for handling and distributing biometric data. Building up and maintaining this expertise will be an important goal of the Association. Additional capabilities for secure maintenance and distribution of biometric data will also be developed as part of the core activities of the Association. Finally, offering access to biometric material through a unique gateway is seen as a quite efficient way to guarantee both the authenticity and the integrity of the data.






The general objective of the Association BioSecure is to offer a tool for cooperation between its members, efficient and flexible enough:


  • To exploit these IPRs by all appropriate means, including the maintenance and the distribution of resources as well as the acquisition of additional rights
  • To be involved as such in future research collaborations, in order to promote interest for development of new knowledge in the field
  • To provide a range of services to its members (for example mobility grants, support to events, dissemination of information...)
  • To utilise opportunities to contribute to the achievement of its mission, subject to the laws and regulations in force



Marketing Activities


In order to achieve its mission, the Association needs to be able to reach its target users and supporters through a range of marketing activities.

These include the following:


  • Establishing a web portal for the benefit of its members and other users of its products and services. The web portal will also serve as an access point to at least part of the Association’s collection and archives. As a first step, the Association will capitalize on the Web portal developed and populated during the life of the BioSecure EU funded project. To ensure continuity, the Association secured the used domain name, allowing the site to remain accessible at: http://www.biosecure.info/.
  • Engagement with EU Framework Programme projects and researchers, in formulating new proposals that would require sustainability resources that the Association can provide.