The BioSecure partners took part in several events during the project :


  • The BioSecure Residential Workshop : It gathered BioSecure partners in Paris, during the whole month of August 2005. This Workshop represented a crucial step in terms of integration of the different institutions of the network. The joint activities allowed the evaluation of new algorithms with common databases and related assessments protocols. As such, this workshop can be considered as the first major outcome of the network, as the results achieved inspired directly most of the subsequent activities.


  • BIOMETRICS’2006 : This is one of the largest international forums for the exchange of information and ideas surrounding biometric technology and its use in government and commercial applications. Several BioSecure partners were present at this exhibition to show some biometric recognition tools developed within the framework of the BioSecure Network of Excellence.


  • Supported Events & Special Sessions : Events supported and organized by BioSecure to disseminate and publicize as far as possible the results gained inside the network, and to improve the integration between BioSecure and other projects as well as with many international entities interested in biometrics.

  • The BIEC Meetings : Three meetings organized by the BioSecure Industrial and End-user Committee (BIEC) to transfer knowledge and assessed results from the BioSecure core research partners towards more business oriented stakeholders.