FP6 project – Biometrics for Secure Authentication (BioSecure)


The widespread adoption of biometric technologies has proved to be slower and less enthusiastic than predicted, especially in Europe. In order to overcome the current impediments and limitations of existing systems, and thus to increase trust and confidence in biometric solutions the BioSecure Network of Excellence (NoE) has worked, through integrating multidisciplinary research efforts and facilitating objective evaluations, to address a range of challenging issues in the field of biometrics.


The BioSecure NoE, was a forty-month project which launched in July 2004 with 30 core partners, representing a critical mass of expertise. The mainly academic organisations involved in BioSecure covered a wide range of research activities in the area of multimodal biometrics with extensive experience in database acquisition and performance evaluation campaigns.


The project addressed scientific, technical and interoperability challenges as well as standardisation and regulatory questions which are critical issues for the future of biometrics and its use in every day’s life.


The main focus of the project was to provide reliable evaluation platforms for different biometric modalities as well as for systems that combine multiple biometric modalities.


However, the Network did not only consider technical issues related to biometrics but also encouraged studies of biometrics in the context of specific applications, user perceptions and legal and societal constraints. Such a multidisciplinary approach is indeed essential to overcoming the existing barriers to the adoption of biometrics technologies.


The project relied on the integration of the existing research and resources (databases, software…), and aimed to promote Europe as a leading force in the field of biometrics.


The BioSecure NoE was also encouraging mobility and international training through large scale events for dissemination (i.e. conferences, common evaluation campaigns). The technology transfer to the industry and end user partners was enhanced through BioSecure’s contribution to different biometric networks and associations.