The perspective on research in the field of biometrics:


  • The BioSecure Targeted Research Projects: During the initial period of the BioSecure project, work was mainly concentrated on surveys of the state of the art presenting an overview of the field, stressing the main areas of research and emphasizing the capabilities and limitations of the current techniques. This joint effort, which reinforced the integration between the partners, also allowed the identification of gaps that need to be dealt with and resulted in a number of documents made publicly available. The completed cartography allowed the refinement of a programme focusing on specific research topics considered of major importance with a significant innovation potential, the programme being designed to gain new knowledge anticipating scientific and technological needs. It shall be stressed that the work carried out during the BioSecure Residential Workshop was very effective to tune the foreseen research effort. Later on, a call for proposals allowed the selection and support for 15 targeted joint research projects covering a broad range of well defined issues. They were specifically designed to foster a deeper co-operation amongst the network partners.


  • The BioSecure Research Agenda: Beyond the organisation of its own research activities, a major challenge of BioSecure was to present a longer-term vision for the future of biometrics research. An in-depth brainstorming work was conducted by the network following an extensive consultation process performed through workshops and questionnaires near a large range of stakeholders (policy makers, representatives from industry, researchers, end users …). This effort led to establish a set of most important research actions which are considered as essential for the wide spread use of biometrics for security applications based on trust and confidence.